Jah Cure # Het Ballonnetje

//Jah Cure # Het Ballonnetje

Jah Cure # Het Ballonnetje

Born as Succature Alcock, Jah Cure is a reggae artist originally from Kingston, Jamaica.

A must see for any fan of reggae is Jah Cure, a true roots performer. Making crowds happy for almost 20 years, Jah Cure is the real deal. This was abundantly clear during a recent show of his at local reggae festival. His soulful voice coupled with the tasty grooves provided by his backing band made this one of the best reggae sets I’ve seen in a long time. With him playing all the favorites from his, admittedly small, catalog, the managed to keep the crowd dancing the whole time. Speaking of the crowd, they were fantastic. I always feel a bit out of place, as a short haired white dude at a reggae show but I love the music and can’t let that keep me away! The crowd for the Jah Cure set was as friendly and welcoming as any I have ever seen. I was welcomed into the swirling, grooving masses with big smiles. Everyone was considerate and lovely, and very generous about sharing the sacrament. That said, I cannot recommend Jah Cure enough, the music is strong, the fans are warm and happy and the vibe is amazing. If I had one complaint, it would be that the sound equipment wasn’t great but I feel that’s probably more the fault of the festival’s than anything else.


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