‘The Connoisseur’s Guide To Amsterdam Coffeeshops’ – It’s the ultimate Coffeeshop-Guide book by Captain Hooter. Cap visited all 167 coffeeshops in Amsterdam as a true passionate cannabis connoisseur and reviewed his experience, sharing his feeds on the Amsterdam coffeeshop life.

At Coffeeshop Het Ballonnetje we are glad we got the chance to spend some time with Captain Hooter, and we are honoured we received the highest rating from the Cap himself. Het Ballonnetje Coffeeshop it’s a Five Stars Amsterdam Coffeeshop, come to join us and gain that unique Ballonnetje vibe!

The Connoisseur’s Guide To Amsterdam Coffeeshops

One man… on a mission… Go to every single coffee shop in Amsterdam in search of the “best of the best.” Multi-year Cannabis Cup judge and Worldwide Herbal Connoisseur, “Captain Hooter” has meticulously researched this Connoisseur’s Guide to Amsterdam Coffeeshops – First Edition. The Captain went to every coffeeshop in the Centrum, the north, south, east, and west suburbs. He tried and tested them all and picked out the “best of the best.” Captain Hooter did all the work for you!

According Ed Rosenthal from High Times:

This book is a useful tool for all who enter Amsterdam with even a passing interest in cannabis use. The old agricultural saying you have to separate the wheat from the chaff rings true as far as coffeeshops are concerned. There are still hundreds in Amsterdam, but a few stand out as valuable assets to residents and visitors alike. The Captain is an enthusiastic researcher who has combed through the thicket of shops to find the best ones in the City. As a result, you needn’t sift and sniff through inferior goods from an inferior shop and have the embarrassment of saying “No thanks,” or saving the awkwardness with a small, but still expensive purchase that will never be used. This book offers you the delight of enjoying the best shops Amsterdam has to offer and the assurance of the quality you seek. BTW- don’t think this book is only for tourists or visitors. I showed it to an Amsterdammer, and he jotted down a few addresses. This book is for all connoisseurs in Amsterdam.